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surveyor 09:35 here is the story of no tent-a-thon this past year

Posted by WANKA @ 10:24 on July 18, 2014  

you recieved our letter i assume and when in may of 2013 audept determined an upgrade was needed to an iv5 processor thier clandestine usage of the pp servers was first discovered and discovered inadvertantly since i was mistakenly cc’d on a corrispondence between fgc and audept stating to be careful since no one knows the pp servers are also being used by the rambus site etc
well i guess at that point i found out too and what a freaking surprise it was. the die was cast that pp would only pay then for thier part of the usage. my webalizers showed that pp was using but 20% of usage with rambus 80% so the new contract which instead of being 2400 per year was now 3000 per year was divided by our 20% or 600 dollars of usage and since we had a prepaid credit of 840 bucks off the old contract we were paid up. the server contract was renewed seemingly in may of this year for 3000+ bucks and they expected us to do a tent-a-thon for 1000 of it which would be ok given proper IT for the pp site. look at the abomanation audept calls the ‘home page’ then try to click the tab forum and you get an error instead of link to pp. he refuses to do any IT work even such a simple link 5 second job that we were cut off from the rest of the internet unless we knew the address of pp. simply a pack of bullshit and we as admins of pp were not going to tolerate it after our tent-a-thon 840 dollar prepiad credit was used up this past year on the expiring lunar upgraded contract. ergo the oasis is born with an independent IT webmaster locally here in kw and no attachment to audept of the now dead pp. go to our search box and put in rno and see my responce to his query on the 14th as to our current oasis deal. you will love it i’m sure. i’ll have a little 1/2 c-note tent-a-thon in the future for re-embursement of the total costs of about 600 bucks a far cry from the 2400+ we were paying in pp and a better more efficient wordpress program in fact thier most up to date current version.
best of cheer and enjoy the oasis as i’m sure i will. 🙂
wankajohn. wj

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