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fully 12:48 geeze your beating a dead horse……

Posted by WANKA @ 13:19 on July 20, 2014  

“HOW did you get that personal and private information is my question”

fully you emailed it to me. for god sake your burying yourself. see below your email. total came to 3003.90 with a 840 prepaid credit from the former pp contract. this is now the last digging i’ll do. my advice is let it rest for your sake. gads! wj

From: Gary Magder
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 9:06 PM
To: tthorsen; murphy
Subject: FW: [Lunarpages Online HelpDesk] [MS02IM00LJY8] Dedicated i5 upgrade – goldtent.com

Ah..here it is John and Todd…Is all in there…excellent

Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 16:09:59 -0700
From: support@lunarpages.com
To: gmag@primus.ca
Subject: Re: [Lunarpages Online HelpDesk] [MS02IM00LJY8] Dedicated i5 upgrade – goldtent.com

Note: Replying more than once may delay our response time, because your ticket will be placed at the bottom of our ticket queue.

Dear Gary magder,
A technician responded to your ticket with:
This is a request to upgrade a customers hosting account:

SUBMITOR – Please be sure to fill out ALL the requested information.

RECIPIENT – Please perform the upgrade as requested below and send the customer his critical account information for the new machine.
Affiliate ID: travisrose

Username: goldt4

Password: J————R

Current Server name: DMS00108 –

Email Address: gmag@primus.ca

Verified?: Yes. last four CC.

Current Plan: Intel Core 2 Quad Core Hosting Plan (mislabeled)

Upgrade to: Lunarpages Dedicated Plan i5.

_____ bit: 64-bit. May wish to add RAM at a later date.

Payment plan/period for new server: 12 Months.

Add-ons: cPanel, Softaculous(Basic), Managed Hosting Lite.

Migration required: Yes. See ticket note for migration checklist.

Price Quoted:
12 Month Lunarpages Dedicated Plan i5 Subscription Cost
1 hosting account at $225/mo $2700.00
Lunarpages Dedicated Plan i5 Setup Cost $0.00
cPanel Control Panel
1 unit at $35.00/mo + $10.00 Setup Cost $430.00
Managed Hosting – Lite
1 unit at $9.99/mo $119.88
Primary Storage (500GB)
1 unit at $0.00/mo $0.00
Total $3249.88
Employee Discount -$485.98
Total after savings $2763.90
Migration: +$240
Customer Credit: -$840.57

Any Special Discount Quoted: 15% overall ( Included )

Additional Comments: Customer requests both PHP4 and PHP5. PHP4 for goldtent.com

Additionally, you may also view the entire ticket by visiting: http://support.lunarpages.com/tickets/view/2879600
Your ticket ID is 2879600.

Lunarpages Internet Solutions Helpdesk

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