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Be Still My Heart

Posted by silverngold @ 23:31 on July 30, 2014  

House Republicans Authorize Lawsuit Against Obama


Interesting Possibility

Posted by silverngold @ 22:37 on July 30, 2014  

China Looks Set To Introduce Gold-Backed New World Reserve Currency

chinaThe US dollar has been the world’s reserve currency for many decades now, but the trends seem to indicate that China is preparing to overtake the US in regards to being the “standard” currency. The world’s monetary system has not had any direct involvement with gold since 1971, when U.S. president Richard Nixon ended the conversion of the dollar into gold.

China seems to be preparing itself for a big involvement in gold, potentially backing their currency with gold. The graph below shows that world reserve currencies come and go, and they change on average every 95 years.

It is impossible to know exactly how much gold China has, as their central bank is more secretive in this regard compared to other countries. The last “official” announcement of their gold holdings was in 2009, and it was reported as 1,054 tons. Those figures would currently put China in the number 6 spot on the list of countries who hold the most gold. However, Matt Insley at Agora Financial put together an estimate based on import figures, mining production figures, as well as more stealthy forms such as black-market gold from Africa and the fact that China urges its citizens to own physical gold. 

chThe mining and import numbers alone would mean that China has at least 3927 tons, but with the other additions, it brings the number up to potentially 7000 tons!

Either of those two numbers would currently place China at the number two spot on the world rankings of gold holdings. The number one spot goes to the US, who supposedly holds 8133.5 tons supposedly. Keep in mind that the US has not had their gold audited since 1953, despite former congressman Ron Paul’s efforts in introducing a bill that would audit Fort Knox in 2011.

Last year saw a new international debacle when Germany asked for its gold to be repatriated by the Fed who had been storing it. The Fed claimed it would only deliver 300 tons, out of the 1500 tons of gold that was originally stored. They also added the provision that it would be paid back over a seven-year time. So far, only 5 tons have been delivered from the Fed’s vaults. What this could mean is that the US has almost no gold at all. So if it’s true, then China already has more gold than any other country in the world.

So why are they doing this? The obvious answer is that they are preparing to dethrone the US dollar of its reserve currency status, and replace it with a gold-back Yuan (Chinese currency). China is either number 1 or 2 in its gold holdings, and they also import more gold than any other country, they are also the world’s largest producer of gold, and they export ZERO of what they produce. The Chinese government encourages its citizens to buy gold and save in gold, and the nation has already been making bilateral trade agreements with other countries, that specifically do not use the US dollar in the exchanges.

The Chinese save over 35% of their incomes, compared to about 2-3% in the US, and they have the world’s largest manufacturing sector. Impressively their middle class seems to continues to increase while the US middle class dwindles. China is one of the largest creditor nations in the world, while the US on the other hand is the biggest debtor nation. All signs point to a new world reserve currency, and the balance of power may change with it.

Read more: http://www.exposingtruth.com/china-looks-set-introduce-gold-backed-new-world-reserve-currency/#ixzz390f0j1f5
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Posted by Fullgoldcrown @ 21:35 on July 30, 2014  




Well Done Mr Webmaster !

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:28 on July 30, 2014  

Been putting the Oasis through the wringer today, and ZERO 503 messages. Thank You !

Now, what do you know about witchcraft? 🙂


Best, Farmboy

molyminer @ 18:46 on About Those Shoes…

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:25 on July 30, 2014  

Never go out with a woman wearing a pair of these.  When she clicks her heels, your life, even the whole universe, will never be the same. (grin)


lite shoes 3

It Just Never Ends….!!

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:09 on July 30, 2014  

BOMBSHELL: IRS Teams Up With Atheists to Go After Churches


It seems that the IRS simply can’t keep themselves out of the targeting business, as they’ve joined forces with atheists to start cracking down on churches for engaging in political activity.

Liberals are once again attempting to use the IRS as an “enforcer,” a weapon to use against those who voice their dissent against the progressive agenda being pushed by the president.

One would think after the whole targeting debacle against conservative groups, the IRS would put the brakes on something like this and refuse to participate, especially with the negative media attention the agency has heaped on itself, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Unreal. This is obviously a means for liberals to once again limit freedom of speech and keep people from sharing their views, especially ones that oppose Obama and his agenda.

Liberals know that religion is one of the biggest hurdles in their drive toward building a Utopian society, so they’ll do anything they can to reduce its influence in culture and politics.

Churches and preachers played critical roles in building this nation, inspiring the Revolution that birthed the United States. It’s time once again for this to be true, but in order for that to happen Americans of all walks of life need to band together and demand the government stop stepping on the Constitution and violating the First Amendment.



Maya, Reckon Another Fella Is As Confused About Women …

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:00 on July 30, 2014  

and wrote a Country song about it.  🙂


Floridagold, 29 Days and Counting,

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:48 on July 30, 2014  

until opening day of College Football. Go Dawgs ! And IF I was talking to ‘she who must be obeyed’ it would go a little like this:



Posted by ipso facto @ 20:46 on July 30, 2014  

Well good on them … and down with the GMO! 🙂

Farmboy @ 17:44 -LOL!

Posted by Maya @ 20:45 on July 30, 2014  

Nevermind, FrogPrince, I think I peed myself laughing!  🙂


ipso facto i think new hanpshire has

Posted by WANKA @ 20:44 on July 30, 2014  

or is it vermont…one of them and the gmo perverts have sued the state to try and block the new law. hows them bananas? toon112 wj


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:29 on July 30, 2014  

” because all that will be left if we don’t will be GMO frankenfood.”

I don’t think any state has passed GMO labeling yet. We sure have a lot of uninformed consumers, people who think that these big companies are looking out for their customers and not just their bottom line. Disappointing!

News News

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:26 on July 30, 2014  

Yamana Gold Announces Second Quarter 2014 Results


Golden Star Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results


for the want of accuracy got all the moving parts in the post

Posted by WANKA @ 20:07 on July 30, 2014  

that were missing from the one in the records in the sidebar.  wj

Buygold, That ‘One’ Drives Me Crazy ! :)

Posted by Farmboy @ 19:43 on July 30, 2014  

2012 & 2013 Tent-A-Thon PP

Posted by WANKA @ 19:30 on July 30, 2014  

ororeef for the record

Posted by WANKA @ 16:29 on July 27, 2014 -edit-

as part of management of PP i made no exceptions whatsoever and was excluded from that decision all together as the facts clearly prove and in fact donated each year for the 6 years i ran the tent-a-thons. thats 600 bucks total but the claim time is accurately from october 10, 2011 when rambus was created to may 10, 2013 when it was first discovered and an upgrade to lunar the server site was ordered. a grand total of precisely 20 months of absolutely free unencumbered service piggy backing on the servers that the tenters paid for in full by donations for the total annual costs. this is what is referenced in legal circles as a pure ‘finding of fact’ and cannot be argued and impossible to rebutt
there were 24 individuals paying the total costs of $2400 per year for the sept 2011 to sept 2012 server contract and $2400 again for the sept 2012 renewal to sept 2013 and under that circumstance perhaps a claim for each individual would be 1/24th of the rambus site or in the least 1/24 of the % of ownership of the two PP managers who clandestently perpetrated this usage. that was a view point put forward by another in management here and the theory sure has merit in my opinion. best wj

goldie not to worry we have the ‘facts’

Posted by WANKA @ 18:19 on July 27, 2014 -edit-

January 23, 2013

updates…. of our pre-tent-a-thon 2013.

damnit somehow the last of the updates were lost but i reconstructed the remaining 5 pledges. bah hate to loose data. sorry folks. wj

20:20 update #6
we have 19 pledges with 5 remaining and its still pre-tent-a-thon kick off time starting high noon tomorrow the official start of the 2013 tent-a-thon. i think we might just miss the start time and have to cancel the ‘official’ 2013 tent-a-thon i do!
keep them pledges coming folks just 5 more and ..toon1o
.. wa-la!

16:55 update #5
folks we have 7 pledge slots left before the ‘official’ 2013 tent-a-thon kick off tomorrow at high noon thursday jan 24 and it would be great to fill them before hand so we could then break all records and ‘cancel the official 2013 tent-a-thon due to overwhelming pre-participation’ :mrgreen: so come on all you tenters and lurkers dig down a little and pledge a c-note before high noon tomorrow. i know you can do it i do! toon1c

08:50 jan 23,2013 update #4
its not even thursday yet and we have 17 contributions to the cause with just 7 left to fill for this years goldtent dedicated servers and stuff bill. one of the donaters was from last year after we closed the tent-a-thon 2012 with the initials WC whom i have put in first place and used WC since she wishes to remain in lurker status and annanomus. i raise the flag of goldtent..
wow what a fantastic crew! goldtent flying

23:06 update 3
and we are cooking with hot coals….already the tent has 14 pledges and only 10 more needed. applaud
what a crew! maybe we can get some overnight pledges? i need now to bid all a good night and a great thank you for your assistance in keeping the goldtent the best pm site in the whole wide solar system…bet cha thought i was gona say world didn’t ya!   :mrgreen:

20:24 update 2
old dog learns new trick…i was just shown by fully how to update the post without cut n pasting a new one which has been a pain in the patoot in past tent-a-thons….sooo this is update 2 and we have 12 pledges half of the commitment and we’re not even ‘official’ yet…i’ll bet the ‘official’ start at high noon on thursday of the 2013 tent-a-thon will be called off before it begins because of all the subscription pledges being filed….betcha betcha betcha!  :mrgreen:

20:04 update 1
what a great pre-tent-a-thon response!!! we just might call off the official thursday high noon start if this keeps up. go team go!!! toon2v

January 22, 2013
greetings all tenters from the 4 corners…its that time of the year again…
it was brought to my attention by fullgoldcrown that we are in debt….bad debt….the annual debt….deep in debt….buried in debt….up to our eyeballs in debt….debt debt debt….so to pay off the debt i hereby declare at high noon on thursday january 24 in the year 2013 to be the start of debt freedom day better known as our annual TENT-A-THON for 2013.


and as always to start up our tent-a-thon i will pledge the first c-note.
this year as last year we need $2400 bucks, clams, glotskies, somolians, gerkins better known as c-notes for our dedicated servers and all the good ‘stuff’ stuff being a highly techinickle term i know few of you would understand…since i don’t understand it myself but be that as it may we will be kicking off our annual tent-a-thon at high noon on thursday jan 24, 2013.

keep the cards and letters coming in folks!…applaud11

please send checks to:
Gary Magder
24 Mill St W
Tottenham Ontario
2013 pre-tent-a-thon c-note list

1 WC 2012 for 2013……..1 c-note..recieved much thanks
2 fullgoldcrown………..1 c-note..recieved much thanks
3 wanka……………..1 c-note..checks in the mail..recieved and ‘was’ in the mail
4 ipso facto…………1 c-note..recieved much thanks
5 leuko……………..1 c-note..recieved much thanks
6 surveyor…………..1 c-note..recieved much thanks
7 buygold …………..1 c-note..recieved much thanks and the bottoms in!
8 winedoc……………1 c-note..recieved much thanks
9 maddog…………….1 c-note..recieved much thanks
10 samb………………1 c-note..recieved much thanks
11 rambus…………….1 c-note..recieved much thanks
12 scruffy……….1 c-note a guxhunerd Obumex’s..recieved much guxthanks
13 richard 640…………1 c-note..recieved much thanks
14 deadeye…………….1 c-note..recieved much thanks
15 nephew……………..1 c-note..recieved much thanks say hi to sis
16 amals………………1 c-note..recieved much thanks
17 illusion……………1 c-note..recieved much thanks
18 augirl……………..1 c-note..recieved much thanks dear lady
19 RNO………………..1 c-note..recieved much thanks
20 goldtoe…………….1 c-note..recieved much thanks
21 farmboy…………….1 c-note..recieved much thanks
22 frr………………..1 c-note
23 longtimer…………..1 c-note..recieved much thanks
24 anthom……………..1 c-note..recieved much thanks
#1 for next year ‘duke’…1 c-note recieved. terrific my friend and don’t lurk so much.
#2 for next year also is eeos….a gentleman and scholar if i’ve ever seen one  toon1l 

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January 13, 2012

final for the 2012 tent-a-thon

a final thanks to scruffy floridagold and brittle not to mention wanka to complete our 2012 fundraiser.

a rousing thanks from the admin contingent of the tent for a sucessfull completion of the 2012 tent-a-thon and a big thanks to all participants, who selflessly contribute to this advertiziment free no holds barred goldtent forum of imeasurable wealth of information and comaradrie. the tent rocks!


update #5 tent-a-thon
-> Posted by WANKA @ 7:35 am on January 13, 2012 :: Edit post
a big rousing overnight thanks to molyminer, commish, overton, beastie and [would he have licked half the envelope]ferret the chief homeiopath of the ausi contingent. three cheers hip hip horay!

update #4 tent-a-thon
-> Posted by WANKA @ 21:24 pm on January 12, 2012 :: Edit post
many thanks to our train conducktor maya and lp of the one and only famous ausi contingent. you guys have filled pledge # 15 and 16 with just 8 more c-note slots remaining. tic toc tic toc…wj

update #3 tent-a-thon——-please send checks to gary noted below.
-> Posted by WANKA @ 15:51 pm on January 12, 2012 :: Edit post
big thank to you RNO and folks keep them cards and letters coming in we are 14 pledges good with only 10 more in the hopper…step right up and get your little bit of tent while the slots last. its only a c-note just a little c-note for all the facility of the tent i think its a bargain i do.
yes yes a bargain it is


update #2 tent-a-thon 2012 – please send checks to gary noted below. [or cases of bushmill of course] [g]
-> Posted by WANKA @ 10:48 am on January 12, 2012 :: Edit post
big thanks to maddog and ipso facto a couple of real stand up guys… yea!
just 11 slots left. lets get um while they last.wj
update #1 tent-a-thon 2012
-> Posted by WANKA @ 5:56 am on January 12, 2012 :: Edit post
good morning all tent dwellers. we have 11 pre-thon pledges which is effectivly half way to our needs of 2400 and this was without any notice at all. now we are into our 2012 tent-a-thon and we have but 13 c-note slots left. come one come all and fill the remainder of the post thon pledges and we shall live long and prosper as spock would say….don’t be shy just step right up! best of cheer. wj
good folks of the tent….it has come to my attention
-> Posted by WANKA @ 13:19 pm on January 10, 2012 :: Edit post
there has been no tent-a-thon for our 2012 year and fullgoldcrown has shouldered the costs on his credit card since august so i think it only fair to kick off our 2012 tent-a-thon soon with equiz leading the way in the #1 slot if my memory serves from last year he was adament for #1 for this year so i say hip hip horay and 3 cheers to our good tenter vancouver friend equiz an a-#1 kinda guy!
good morning tenters from the 4 corners…and whatsup we thank you.
-> Posted by WANKA @ 4:14 am on January 11, 2012 :: Edit post
the official start of the 2012 tent-a-thon was to be friday and i do appreciate the pre-start pledeges. below is fullys address where checks should be sent. this year we are doing 2400 which will give us a balance of 90 bucks for mad money used for any add-ons which may arise in 2012. much thanks. wj

OK…Lunarpages billings to my credit card for 6 month billing.

Feb 17th 1064.94 [2012 to be billed 2nd half]
Aug 8th 1064.94 [2011 billed for 1st half 2012]
Sept 19 19.95
Oct 10th 19.95
Oct 31 119.00
Dec 12 19.95

G Magder
24 Mill St W
Tottenham Ontario

ok folks we have 11 pre-tent-a-thon pledges out of 24 needed sooooo i guess i may as well start the 2012 tent-a-thon early before friday
-> Posted by WANKA @ 15:38 pm on January 11, 2012 :: Edit post
OFF to the RACES for the tent-a-thon of 2012 our 5th year of the meeting and greeting under the flaps! we were a shared server the first year of existance in 2007 into 2008 of which audept picked up the whole tab of something like 450 bucks and we blew out the servers in 2008 so we opted to go to a higher speed and custom dedicated servers for 2009 and beyond which mounted a couple of grand. this is the history in a nutshell for any new posters. we are now at our 2012 mark with upwards of a stable 2+M hits and 150K visits per month in .com and .net and .org combined all three of which the tent bought and owns thanks to its occupants.
and a big thank you to all the tent posters which make this the ‘best damn precious metals site on the internet’.
now without further delay the 2012 tent-a-thon is on!!!

below is the pre-thon pledges and you are all awesome. hip hip horay! toon1c

equisetum…………. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
surveyor………….. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
winedoc…………… 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
samb……………… 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
warren……………. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
cheap shot………… 1 c-note revieved with a big thanks
whatsup…………… 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
buygold…………… 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
longtimer…………. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
amals…………….. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
ororeef…………… 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
****** [pre-thon pledges above]
maddog*************** 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
ipso facto*********** 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
redneckokie********** 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
maya…………….. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
lp………………. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
molyminer………….. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
overton……………. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
beastie……………. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
ferret…………….. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
wanka……………… 1 c-note recieved checks in the mail no more  :mrgreen:
scruffy……………. 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
floridagold………… 1 c-note recieved with a big thanks
commish……………. 1/2 c-note recieved with a big thanks
brittle……………. 1/2 c-note recieved with a big thanks

total…………..24 c-notes and a big thank you

1/17/12 a very special mention for WS a lurker of all things. please post dear lady. see FGC’s redacted email to me below.

Hi John….Yes its from WS….she may have posted once I think
But she sent $100 and a Nice note thanking us for the tent
we can put it towards next years thon
She sent her business card too…Senior VP and Director etc..Nice to be appreciated eh ?

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WANKA @ 18:22 Study War No More

Posted by Farmboy @ 19:27 on July 30, 2014  

One of these days, if humanity survives….


Farmboy – but

Posted by Buygold @ 19:20 on July 30, 2014  

” Buygold, it’s all your fault !”

Why do I always get blamed? All I was trying to do was make peace between you and the wicked witch of the west! (not that she’s wicked or anything) but you know what I mean.

Don’t blame me, she might think I was at fault and demand a “monkey” coffee or something! The horror. 🙁

equiz. lets make that 2 words

Posted by WANKA @ 18:52 on July 30, 2014  

goldtent oasis eh! wj


Posted by molyminer @ 18:46 on July 30, 2014  

I noticed she is wearing nice looking shoes.

Scruffy at 6:35 on 30 July That was a truly interesting perspective on POG that you

Posted by Equisetum @ 18:40 on July 30, 2014  

posted at 6:35.  It is important that I pass that message on to some persons who will be interested on where the price of gold might be headed.  When I do so, they will ask me the source of this opinion.  I could not see a URL link (except for the one embedded link to another article by Fekete).  Do I indicate that this perspective was written by Scruffy of Goldtentoasis?  Or was it a viewpoint from some other linkable URL?

now for something completely different.

Posted by WANKA @ 18:22 on July 30, 2014  

The young lady in this video is named Kseniya Simonova. She is seen here appearing on the Ukraine version of America’s Got Talent.

Farmboy @ 18:06

Posted by grin @ 18:21 on July 30, 2014  

Its really very surreal, like they want to see run away inflation before they do anything(maybe like 1974)

Just seems like a recipe for disaster.

grin @ 17:51 I Dont Think The Obamaites Have Much Choice,

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:06 on July 30, 2014  

but to keep the markets propped up. They are losing points with even their own base of supporters with the immigration fiasco, slow roll out of the expensive Obamacare, foreign policy in a mess, etc, etc. They better be able to keep the markets rising until November 2016 especially if they are really planning on running Hillery. Just my opinion.


Posted by grin @ 17:51 on July 30, 2014  

[edit]  So anyway, all wise guy stuff aside, the Fed obviously means business in its effort to put policy-made stock bulls into another gear higher.  This tells us two things (at least)…

  1. They do not want you to short stocks and
  2. This is not your normal recovery





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