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farmboy 00:19 if i may clarify a tad of your very wise post just for clarity sake since i can agree with your viewpoint of course

Posted by WANKA @ 7:54 on August 1, 2014  

beginning with audept approaching me to have GBZ [goldbugz] at the time my private yahoo group of which he and you were a member converted to goldtent posters paradise a public forum in 2007. this was his original idea. i agreed setting up a public site becoming also one of the founders and spent a number of hours with audept on the telephone him building [IT-ing] and me desiging the tent right down to the coloration. i wish to add that these programs were ‘stock’ wordpress programs as is the current oasis already formatted right out of the can and not all that difficult to put together. sure some expertize in IT of which i surely lack but not the hoodo voodo HUGE PROJECT that some would expect like fullys thousands of hours hoopla and his hundreds of thousnds of dollars free work bullshit. no its way way more simpler then that and i now know knowing what i now know in making the oasis. fully also said we copied the pp. sure we did making it easy on the eyes as i did in desiging the pp and btw the coloration for one thing is open to anyone with the wordpress color chart and design yes a wordpress canned format comes with the program and may i also say that wordpress is free.
btw i still have that most enjoyable photo of the kids and i hold it dear.

your 2nd para is essentially correct in that fully brought to audept and my attention that a ‘startup’ website promoting paid gold miners and such asked us to merge as thier forum board and ‘projected’ our earnings to be in the 6 figure annual range. i said no and audept said no and it died right there.

3rd para] yes the original ‘wrong’ which then compounded itself was not presenting it openly to thier 3rd partner namely me. so much for founding members and partners when it came to them two. keep in mind rambus dave has no culpability in this fiasco whatsoever. the wrong rests squarely on fully and audept’s shoulders in using the gt/pp as thier own private property without regard to thier third founding partner but more importantly with complete disregard to the financial contributors of posters that PAID thru the tent-a-thons for the freakin site to begin with from 2008 thru 2013 when the devious duo were found out. that is the biggie that personally sticks in my craw! i started and ran the tent-a-thons ergo i had a fiduciary responsibility and fullgoldcrown and audept can go F themselves for thier underhanded ways.

lastly again rambus imho has no culpability but i sure wouldn’t ever ever want the other two to be watching my 6 o’clock ever never! [i know you can understand that]

and shame on you too. most importantly you forgot ipso facto as a founder of the goldtent oasis also along with floridagold buygold and lil ole me and at least an honorable mention for our webmaster wizard WW. oh for shame… :mrgreen: best of cheers my good friend. wj

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.