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Turnout compendium for the sidebar

Posted by WANKA @ 8:27 on August 15, 2014  

augirl btw go to the sidebar

Posted by WANKA @ 0:53 on August 15, 2014 -edit-

under tent-a-thons and read the ‘oasis completion’ for a more detailed view of the setup and forward look. best wj

augirl in all seriousness aside. [g]

Posted by WANKA @ 0:36 on August 15, 2014 -edit-

the cost this year of setup was the main amount and i for one am gratefull for weston doing an experts work for an afordable cost.

as for the server it knocked my jock off at 78 bucks a year. gads i thought it would be approx 4-500 but apparently thru the years or at least since 2007 when we set up the pp the cost has come way down. weston informs me there is big time compitition in now a huge marketplace and with all the computer advances cost has done a constant nose dive. thats good for us folks.

yep our total annual fixed costs are 78 for server and 31 for domain names total 109. it really took me by surprise too.

now also a variable is IT costs if any at 50 per hour. but thats if something really screws up the site internally and i don’t see that as a real possibility since we are a tight and lean mean fightin machine so to speak. we took great pains to firmly create and protect the site to the fullest. this is not to say we may add a feature down the road that takes weston a few hours to complete…then its a charge by our making. if its a server problem the hosting company has staff 24/7 to correct any failure.

remembering also we are piggy backing on weston’s server so that gives us even more added protection in keeping the server clean cut and running smoothly.

all and all augirl i’m quite pleased at the efficiency of operation which is no longer a ‘task’ by any stretch but now a comfortable daily endevor.

best of cheers to you dear lady. toon1lwj


aspengold yep it was a tent-a-thon that never was.

Posted by WANKA @ 0:17 on August 15, 2014 -edit-

and so very sucessful too. :mrgreen: wj

drb — i thank you kindly but

Posted by WANKA @ 0:10 on August 15, 2014 -edit-

we just had in a short 5 hours a tent-a-thon that wasn’t a tent-a-thon but was a tent-a-thon even though it wasn’t a tent-a-thon that i was going to have come saturday starting at high noon but then there was this onslaught of pre-tent-a-thon pledges that in the brief time of these 5 short hours simply filled all the positions open and completed a tent-a-thon that wasn’t. we made history in the book of world records completing a tent-a-thon for our setup costs without a tent-a-thon and now having to cancell the saturday tent-a-thon for the overwhelming support of pre-tent-a-thon pledges. i have in all these years never even heard of a tent-a-thon that was cancelled due to an abundance of support before it began. so in making a short story as long as possible i really thank you for your intent but if you send the 1/2c-note i’ll only go and drink it up since i’m now unemployed with a cancelled tent-a-thon due to the success of not having one. whew i’m glad that makes sense to somebody! toon2b wj

WANKA @ 23:33

Posted by Augirl @ 0:06 on August 15, 2014 -edit-
Hey pardner. That is perfect either way for this year or next and what a bargoon of $109 for next years costs.
Thanks again for all your hard work and diligence and also to all the admins and webmaster for
bringing the oasis to fruition.
As far as what’s his face is concerned, I tell ya that one just loves to create a tempest in a lily pad.
No worries, I got it covered. He’ll run out of stamina before I ever will. Witches have more lives that a cat :-)


Guess I’m in for a Full

Posted by AspenGold @ 23:59 on August 14, 2014 -edit-

C note for the next non-athon.

@Wanka – Tentaton

Posted by drb2 @ 23:51 on August 14, 2014 -edit-

What did I miss? Put me down for the Half C-Note. Where do we send the moola?

augirl — you got it dear lady….i shall

Posted by WANKA @ 23:33 on August 14, 2014 -edit-

mark it as ‘insurance’ to be used if needed between now and this time next year and if not required to be spent on the site this year you shall be the very first tent-a-thoner for next years tab which btw will only be 78 for the server and 31 for the domain names a total of 109 bucks…..why you will be paying for almost half of next years oasis needs. how about that for witchcraft! …oops farmfrog made me say it…. its all his fault [gg] toon1a…..so to show you my honorable intent dear winery partner i will also pledge 59 bucks for next year so its just you and me supporting the entire annual foundations of this very complex and running like a fine oiled piece of machinery site. hows them banannas? toon112 :mrgreen: wj



Posted by Augirl @ 23:16 on August 14, 2014 -edit-

Darn , was out all day…. Put me in for $50 for incidentals ?

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