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Better give up any remaining fantasies about higher gold until the rig is defeated–the rig is institutionalized thru all markets-read this:

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:14 on August 26, 2014  
  • [gold doesn’t have a chance–hence, I am “buying another thousand”]
  • From Murph tonight=
  • Here is a brief excerpt from an article today by the amazing team of Pam and Russ Martens at Wall Street On Parade titled, Are U.S. Markets Liquid and Deep or Rigged and Broken? I suggest you read the entire article when you have the opportunity.

    “…the SEC which oversees stock exchanges has allowed both the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq to create a bifurcated market. The unsophisticated investor is given trading data on which to base trading decisions on a slow data feed called the Securities Information Processor or SIP. The SIP is not only slow in getting the data to the technology-challenged investor, but it has limited data.

    For the rich and powerful on Wall Street who can afford massive fees, there is another data feed offered by the exchanges called the Direct Feed. The Direct Feed data, which has far more useful information, arrives in the hands of High Frequency Traders and Wall Street’s proprietary traders ahead of the arrival of the SIP data. This allows the Direct Feed users to buy a stock on the cheap and sell the stock back to the SIP user at a higher price…

    The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, which also have a mandated regulatory role to ensure that their markets are fair and non-discriminatory, have allowed the two-tiered market to exist because they are collecting hundreds of millions of dollars a year selling the SIP to the dumb money and the Direct Feed to the smart money…”

    For someone that is not drinking the daily dose of electronic kool aid from the mainstream media, this is a systemic, institutionalized control fraud that inevitably leads to a financial crisis. And a close survey of the markets today might lead one to observe, ‘My God. These lunatics are going to do itagain.’

    That is what it is in plain words. That is what the price discovery of the US, which controls the reserve currency of the world and sets many of its key prices, is based upon. This is not some rogue trader, or anomalous abuse. This is fraud that is deeply woven into the very fabric of the system, and is widely tolerated with a self-serving wink and a nod.

    For example, the privately held London Metals Exchange was dismissed as a defendant in the aluminum price fixing case today because it is immune from US prosecution as ‘an organ of the UK government.’ That is quite an admission, and some organ. Droit du seigneur. Reminds one of the motive for dismissal insinuated by the Barrick motion in the Blanchard gold manipulation suit.

    What is it going to take to wake people up? What markets are left that have not been exposed as deeply rigged at their core?

    A big part of the rest of the world isn’t buying it anymore. And that is taking us into some very deep, dark, and uncharted waters.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.