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Well…. out of Minsk…

Posted by NEMO @ 7:54 on August 27, 2014  


… Putin playing chess again.

Poroshenko: Ceasefire regime must be bilateral in character;
Putin: Russia cannot talk about any ceasefire conditions whatsoever
Yesterday’s meeting between the Russian and Ukrainian Presidents at an EU/Eurasian Customs Union meeting broke up without agreement. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said following the meeting that “A roadmap will be prepared in order to achieve, as soon as possible, a ceasefire regime which absolutely must be bilateral in character.” However, Russian President Vladimir Putin argued that the fighting in Eastern Ukraine is an internal and non-bilateral issue saying that “We, Russia, cannot talk about any ceasefire conditions whatsoever… We can only facilitate the creation of an environment of trust in the course of this possible and much needed, in my opinion, negotiation process.”


“you can not talk to me, talk to the people that you call terrorists”.

“And when you do that… you have elevated them to your own level…. have a nice day!”

“Though I´m all around you (I know that you know, but you can not use it properly to advance your agenda, since I (Russia) do not exist as an enemy).

” Your enemy is in eastern Ukraine… we are Russia, sitting on the balcony.”

 “And if you still persist in wanting us to be forced in to this mess… we would like to have a say or two, about the setting of things, before we agree to talk. That is: Talk to them… and lose, or talk to us… and lose!” 

“Oh by the way… you have one more option… do not talk at all… and lose”.



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