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Some great posts overnight – my time.

Posted by Portugeezer @ 6:42 on August 31, 2014  

If I had to pick one it would be Deadeye’s short explanation.  I realise that he has really nailed it for me in those few words.  Here they are again.  Rich

I remember clearly when goldbugs said the same thing about $600 Gold when gold was having trouble getting thru $300 and staying there! I bought and bought when gold dropped below $400 as a bottom bargain. I said they were giving Gold away at $300. Frankly they are today giving gold away at below $1300 when it’s current real value is at least double that. Many don’t agree because they have to sell and trade it for some unknown reason. I have never sold an ounce and expect my heirs to do likewise. Gold is to preserve wealth, not make it. Making wealth is best done in a business. Anyone who can get wealthy trading Gold and silver can get wealthy trading anything or owing almost any business.  Deadeye

I would add a note to my heirs I would warn them not to sell any Gold for a short term whim like a new car.  Go somewhere where the “water’s running free and it’s waiting there for you and me”.  Of course I mean liquidity, cash being lent to plebs.  This is the differentiating factor that allowed the USA to grow so rapidly over the last 50 years, access to money – newly printed.  No other country had that.  So, as Deadeye kind of suggests, look for your niche and follow the money and work for it.

Cash will dry up soon when the dictator takes over (remember, every democracy eventually fails and is replaced by a dictatorship – when the people find out that they can vote freebies for themselves, etc).  That’s when you need your bolt-hole and it might not necessarily be in the USA.  It is now 4 times more expensive to renounce US citizenship than it was last month.  What will it be in three years?  It may sound stupid to us, but I think there is going to be a popular uprising against the US Constitution based on the fact that it is holding back more gifts to the FLOTS, folks living off the state (in the bummers terms).

Just a little awful point here.  We have often talked about not really owning your paid for house and land because they can take it away if you don’t pay your rates.  One of my workers has fallen behind on her rates and I have to deduct it from her wages.  Very sad.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.