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Thanks Floridagold For The Coffee And Sports Update. And Thanks Wanka for the Charts, Appreciate it !

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:50 on August 31, 2014  

FG, apparently the Gator Fans are a tough bunch. 🙂

(cant believe the game was canceled !)  Hmmmm…an Omen of sorts???

Well, would party with those Gator Fans any ole time. Good folks. Little crazy like me I guess…lol


Gators fan Martha Herrera said she and her family sat through all the delays and were going to try to “stick it out” until the game was cancelled.

“We were singing and dancing and getting really wet,” she said. “We were going to stick it out and we were really hoping to be able to soak it in. And enjoy the game but it will have to be another time. We were in the rain. … We didn’t want to miss out on any of it.”

Some fans continued to inhabit the Swamp throughout the delay, including a number of students on the stadium’s east side that seem unfazed by the strong downpours and lightning.

One female student ran out onto the field before security personnel corralled her. The young woman performed the Gator Chomp as she was led off the field. ”


Best Farmboy

Got to shake a leg and get to moving. Have a long work day ahead of me. See ya this evening. If ‘you know who’ shows up hand her a bottle of wine would ya. Kinda like ‘her’ when she is mellow and not pickin on me. (grin)

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