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Sept 2….wonderful pictures floks…

Posted by Walker @ 9:47 on September 2, 2014  

Good Morning,
Just a small insight into the filtered news and chatting faces of the gold and silver world this past weekend. One particular ,gentleman, shared his opinion on why the US markets & dollar are and will continue to “fair better than the others in a global window perspective”.
In interrelationship of my insight …there is REALLY nowhere to run for them. Consider the options that the central banking cartel, trading houses, have created. I think we have only really four or five large trad-able currency. We all know they are equally worthless, but, in reference to which is the best of the worst scenario…. the US digit still remains king for the day. Allow me, we here ,all know that the real and only historical money is gold and silver with time and time again proven proof … forever…NO exceptions .
We all know that the Shadow, created this incredible system of central banking and the evolution from gold to paper/digits etc…etc….They cannot allow or will not allow their only great emesis to their global empire to be lost and returned to gold which cannot be as illusionary and limitless controlled without the real metal…hence they have a real problem to their global control system. If the Us digits is the best of the worst…hummm…time is on our side.
Point…this limitless money creation has bought them the world as we know it today…”simple statement” but very accurate. Fortunately for us, unfortunate for THEM it is/was created on an illusionary foundation ….
So there you have it …..for this morning…until something changes…
I still maintain charts are but foot prints of the “shadow”…
small time traders were or have been taken to the wood shed long ago…the system runs every event…
I am certain…we all have our own insight and perspective…I just shared mine.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.