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An illegal alien would never deport another illegal alien

Posted by eeos @ 15:10 on September 8, 2014  

The Zeroman strikes again

Father Of Man Killed By Illegal Alien Takes On Obama

Human Cost: The point above, made to President Obama by a grieving father whose 25-year-old son was run over by an illegal alien who won’t be deported, underscores the high price of open borders for U.S. citizens.

That grieving father, Donald Rosenberg, has put another human face on the growing problem of importing crime through the Obama administration’s tolerance of illegal immigration.

His plea also highlights the White House’s refusal to deport those who shouldn’t be here after they do grievous harm to Americans, sometimes even killing them.

In a letter sent to Obama last month, Rosenberg, a self-described “lifelong, very liberal Democrat,” said his son Drew, run over and killed by an illegal alien in 2010, would still be alive if Washington consistently deported illegals who have conflicts with law enforcement.

Open-border advocates would argue that his son could have just as easily been killed by a U.S. citizen. True enough, except that he wasn’t, and the fact is the odds of American citizens being victims of any crime would be reduced if our borders were secure and alien criminals were being deported.

Rosenberg’s son was killed when Robert Galo, an illegal alien who had been here since 1998, made a left turn and crashed into Drew, who was riding his motorcycle home from law school.

It was a slow-speed crash and nothing serious might have happened had not Galo, who was driving without a license, “drove over (Drew’s) body a third time,” Rosenberg said in his letter, “in an attempt to flee.”

Five months before the fatal crash, police stopped Galo for driving the wrong way on a one-way street in San Francisco and, again, driving without a license and having no insurance.

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