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Mr Copper

Posted by Portugeezer @ 16:12 on September 9, 2014  

You say: If they don’t drop the dollar soon, it means they think the US economy is strong enough at the moment to take more higher dollar “pain”.

A couple of months ago I said I thought the us$ would rise through some kind of repatriation flow.  If people are dumping treasuries, someone has to find US$ to buy them with, no?

That is an artificial demand; they don’t want the US$ and the seller will probably use the US$ to buy something quickly. I think there is some unintended consequence in play here, and it could go a long ways from here.  $3.4 Trillion of real money now (as opposed to digital money in derivatives), wanting to come home, whereas there was only $800Billion in 2008.

SilvernGold, that’s the first time I’ve blushed in years!  What I write is a synopsis of what we all know; an exercise to console myself and to ask you guys to response if I’m out of whack.  It often happens!  I don’t have any original thoughts and I don’t often post charts.  But I thank you for the support.

Regards, Rich

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