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harvey .. harvey lol

Posted by ment17 @ 22:14 on September 10, 2014  

Harvey Organ flat out stated that by the end of 2014, gold and silver will be bid to $10,000 and $200 per ounce respectively…..

if that is the case would not the gold market start to factor in the move .. seeing how the stock market is a true indication of the state of the gold market ..and according to the TA guys ..TA rules

so we drift on down some more .. have a brief spike into the 1370’s or their about,,,, then a brief deflation scare after that then a new low before the train leaves the station  for the tenth time lol


but also in the mix is Bo  and his Elliott wave .. now Harvey and the no gold or silver camp  in a few months ..metals go no bid and scream to the highs .. with security people in black boots covering the coin shops

gold will not do much until the big boys are ready to move this thing for their benefeit…even though the other powers are buying gold by the train load  .. it does not effect the paper supply as paper is abundant and the traders jimmy that dog every day..

what…. 100 oz of paper now to offset 1 oz of real ..

paper on paper .. rock, sissors, paper    lol

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.