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Smells Like….A Sting

Posted by Farmboy @ 14:25 on September 11, 2014  

Reckon most folks would not call being in the PM’s a great investment idea with all the manipulation (proven beyond any reasonable doubt). Kinda like playing cards against a stacked deck with the bankers running their paper games. After watching the PM markets for nearly 15 years the past few have not acted like ‘normal’ markets. Have not reacted in ways I would have thought with the Trillions printed, a very unstable Middle East ( worst in 3 years), continuing news of bank failures, the list is long for the reasons for Gold and Silver should be at higher prices. Something just don’t smell right these days. Don’t feel like right.


The movie ‘The Sting’ comes to mind. Great flick and wonder if someone (??) somegroup (??) is beating down the PM’s as part of some Great Gold Sting coming to a computer trading screen near you. Just so much unknown to the most of us. What is really going on?  What is going on behind the scenes? Two more questions come to mind.

Germany asked for their gold. We told em no. They said “ok’. So what did ‘we’ tell them to get them to drop their request so quickly?

Did we offer them (fill in the blank) instead of the gold and they gladly accepted ?

What about China, so what if we default on their trillion plus in Treasuries. I bet if we told China that they could have those seas near Japan with their oil fields without any US resistance. I think China would be happy. Heck, we might even throw in Japan.


I dunno, don’t have a clue, just trying to read the ‘poker table’ of the markets, and there are plenty of shifty eyes, nervous coughs, and I wonder who is holding the winning hand ? And I get the idea that this ‘game’ is nearing its end. Might be a good idea to stack a few more ounces while we can. Something has to give shortly I would think. And holding some tangible gold and silver in hand just might put us on the winning side.


Thoughts of an ole Farmboy who has learned to trust a crooked used car dealer more than I do these markets these days.


Best to all, and Good Luck ! Farmboy


The Sting

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.