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Posted by aurum @ 19:11 on September 15, 2014  

I am glad that there are folks that want non-GMO food products.  That makes a market with a premium for non-GMO food.  However, the scientific evidence so far has shown the risks of eating GMO to be miniscule.  Probably the same folks would not get vaccinated.  The risks there are also miniscule.  Yes they are not risk free – but the risk reward equation is heavily in favor of vaccination (for most people) and GMO (for most people).  Because of GMO bigger crops are able to be grown in countries that had minimal crops in the past.  I have seen numbers that show starvation has been reduced by millions of people each year.  You can argue about the number but to my mind since it is a big number regardless of which study is used it is worth the miniscule risk.

Europe won’t import GMO because they don’t want the competition to their expensive grain.  China and Russia and most other countries will import it as long as it is properly identified.  Better grains (more yield, drought resistance and herbicide resistance)  are created by generation after generation of selective breeding – why not take a shortcut and simply change the DNA?

This will be my only post on the issue.


added:  http://genera.biofortified.org/

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