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Posted by treefrog @ 11:58 on September 17, 2014  

it wasn’t an indiana jones kind of trip, but it had its moments.  gila hotsprings


(water temp around 105.)

is small private campground/resort near the gila cliff dwellings in southwestern new mexico is a delightful spot, far removed from the hustle and bustle (and just about anything else).  well worth the trip, but a worrisome place to be when your “service engine soon” light comes on.  google a map of gila cliff dwellings.  the road back to silver city is “challenging.”

another highlight was the black canyon of the gunnison national park.


there’s a group of us geezers – mostly friends of bill – who try to spend a few weeks out west every year.  contact me if you want to go next summer.


pineapples – they are growing well.  i have about twenty plants, but only about five that are anywhere near fruiting size.  nothing yet, but one could start to put out a blossom (and subsequently a fruit) anytime.  a friend who also raises tropicals told me about a trick.  pineapples are bromeliads, and feed through their leaves as well as their roots.  he says he gets good results by spraying them with a dilute solution of potassium nitrate (saltpetre) every couple weeks.  i think i’ll try that.

not my pics.  i got them off the web.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.