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The 100 year plan is only a year or two late:

Posted by Portugeezer @ 5:10 on September 17, 2014  


I’ve been saying this for quiet a while. Michael Snyder and I seem to think a like. A trillion was expected. But I’m not fully satisfied with the Tax Revenue from US Individuals. I’ll look into that and I have to say I expected more like $1.5 Trillion Deficit.

As you point out there is no discipline in the G.W. Bush or Barak Obama Administration. These were Liberal Spending Admins.

Here is a story that fits. It is an original Satire.

Did you hear the story of what happened when John D. Rockafeller heard about “Communism”?

Well see there was a banker that set up a meeting to discuss this very important trend from Europe. It was about 1890 just when the Robberbarons had become the richest men in America (or the World). In attendance was none other than John Pierpont Morgan, himself.

Banker: Sir this is a populist movement an offshoot from Socialism called Communism who ideas were put forth by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles. We believe this is a strong and dangerous trend in view of the Union movement of workers. Mainly the idea is that all men are equal, capitalism is bad, and all men should earn the same amount of money and work for the state and for the future of the state. This equality extend to luxuries which they claim are unfair to those that don’t have them.

John D: Well then under communism all men are poor.

JP Morgan: Yes, quiet true. And we may want to fight this with the full power of the government & military. Or alternatively we might want to make it a political issue and try to turn it to advantage.

John D: You mean we could convince people to accept low wages if they think they are serving the state?

JP Morgan: It would be a great victory. The trend now for strikes and workers unions is to ask for more money. And it seems that under this “Communism” they plan to educate the people to prepare for a Revolution.

John D: Well… it seems like the Strikers are plenty educated already. We have to get out in front of this. Perhaps we can start educational foundations to influence what is taught and to keep education limited to “Capitalist Ideas.

JP Morgan: We have to address several sides all at once, political, educational, military as we have in Latin America and the Islands, and our supervisors and managers will stress the principals of success that we need for our factories.

John D: So, we declare war on Communism, suppress communism, suppress the workers unions & strikes, and set up educational foundations and go to work on universities. Plus we will always need more workers coming to our factories and America to keep wages competitive (low). However we will continue to import produce or whatever we need from outside. But how can we really make Communism work for us in the USA?

JP Morgan: We will know more as we work through the “Set Up” of your foundations. Firstly we will use Psychology from Europe, I know a few good men. Secondly we rely on principals of not upsetting the people, letting people have their sports and families, letting them be distracted by the things we want to teach them. We will repeat the messages we want successful workers to learn to be successful. A man will be judged by his success and how he works. The value here is work. Be on time for work. Follow a Schedule. Don’t waste time eating or taking breaks. The hard workers are successful and loved by other men.

John D: Very good. I think we can set some strong goals for our new Foundations. What about this “Economics” study? Do you think you can use their work?

JP Morgan: No. That may actually be traced to Socialist Ideas. We can incorporate it into the Foundations Educational work, but only to claim it as our own. Yes, it is good to be in front of trends. We will look to claim History, US History, Government Studies, Cultural Studies, Literature, communism & economics. If we are smart we can have our people teaching all of these subjects to not only workers, university students, teachers, but also to our Politicians and Government Leaders.

John D: Look, we need debt to bring people to us. Communism won’t be accepted without a huge debt scare or bank scare. Is that what you are thinking?

JP Morgan: Yes, either debt or expenses, control over the product they need or the service they want. War brings people to their knees. War depletes the treasury of all countries, but their money flows to the sellers and the bankers. Then they have to ask for more money. people will accept this idea of working for less to help the state, just as they accept going to war to help the state. The only block is the US Constitution and the workings of each independent state of the union. War & Debt is the key. It is the cycle of all countries. Lawyers will also have to be part of our educational process within the foundation work and that means universities too. Probably we will train the people who will later become the justices in all of the courts and the legislators in all of the governing bodies. People come quickly around when explained to them why they work. The Law and the Government takes long range planning and conditioning. But they have to come to us in the end for financing. It will be a great victory.

John D: Someone is going to win & someone is going to lose. We are going to win. We are going to build the biggest companies along with cities & states. Pierpont, you are coming with me. You have to set up the banking system so that we can get the financing. Now, tell me about that Central Bank.

JP Morgan: Don’t worry about that Sir. It will take some time. Whether we have royalty or politicians then need us and will do what we tell them. In the US we have it much easier. Just give us time and we will have all of the politicians pulling for us.

And so “Communist Ideas” were adopted officially in the USA in 1997… just before bankruptcy laws were strengthened, Sub-prime mortgages took off, Citibank Merged with AIG, and Glass Steagall Act was repealed.

Final Phase of Banker Installed Revolution can only occur after total economic collapse and collapse of the US Government.

More powder for your musket Mr Copper!, Rich

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