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Maya is still having registration problems but sent this to the Oasis.

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:29 on September 19, 2014  

Good Morning Ipso!

You can post this message on the Oasis for me so everyone knows I’m still alive. I’m caught in the “captcha” spamcatcher. Apparently when using the TOR network to post, it keys the spamcatcher and I get a screen telling me to type the five letters shown. But it does NOT show the five letters… so even a human cannot get past this gatekeeper. I’m patiently waiting for the webmaster to either fix it or eliminate it. Until then I’m locked out of the Oasis.

I saw the interview with Jim Rickards yesterday, and thought I would address FarmFrog’s and your inquiry about the web bots. Rickards interview was spot on and known about by those with inquiring minds who look at the USA financial situation with horror. Clif High’s web bot project has morphed considerably in the past year. With all the ‘immediate’ data of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media it has overwhelmed his long-range predictive linguistics capability. He had to reWrite and tweak his software algorithms to adapt to the overwhelming ‘immediacy’ data. As a result he gets much shorter-range predictions now. The data is so short-range that he now does weekly or bi-weekly verbal audio rundowns of what he sees coming up in the data streams. These are available for $10 a pop at his website: www.halfpasthuman.com

Some of the data ranges out as much as six months, with a very few key indicators looking like 2017 to 2018. But a lot of data comes in so fast that he has trouble getting a report out before the stuff happens in just a few short days. But yes, he sees financial troubles for the USA getting serious in probably the next six months or less. One telling thing to me is that he seriously expects silver to explode soon… so much so that he is talking about acquiring silver options to make a few bucks on. And Clif is not the kind of guy who normally wades into the financial markets as he distrusts them and dislikes them. (This is not financial advice! DYODD)

What Cliff seems to be getting on a week-to-week basis is like the play-by-play of the details of the coming collapse, and slowly relating them to the bigger picture down the road. For $10 I find it entertaining, but I have not been regularly getting every report he has issued recently.

In the past month I have been busy moving to a new bunker. My old landlord sold out and the new one wanted to renovate the place, so I had to move all my beans and rice before the snow flies. Moving sucks! I’m getting too old for this. Gotta sell off my accumulated junk on eBay.

Hang in there everyone. The trains will return as soon as they let me out of the roundhouse!


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