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Posted by goldielocks @ 4:23 on September 20, 2014  

Religion kills. Not the religion itself but the people who use it for political or personal means that always sides tracts the humanitarian or political questions by sucking people into the religious cause creating a bias.
If certain political leaders use a religious persuasion for their cause then the other religious sector begins to see all people of that religion a threat when those of that religion are simply or acting that religion without a agenda.
This begins to accelerate until they have to choice but to perceive the other religion as the enemy as they see people killed because if their religion. This only strengthens the instigators support for their agenda. If there was no religion they would find something else as a excuse to have others do their bidding while they hide safely behind their bodyguards and walls.
Until people wake up and take a fair and non bias look as the root of a conflict as well as if it is worth during for without side tracking religion into it on all sides there will be no resolve and users of religion will continue to kill. That will be difficult because they will lie and deny but taking out the religious part may make it more difficult at this current event.
Watched a youtube of David Horowitz talking to a young student who asked him if the founding fathers were terrorists because of the puritans. He blew up at her which he usually does and eliminated and possibility of her ever looking up to him as a intelligent person with his remarks of waisting his time and she was stupid. He said that they weren’t terrorists or murders. Well Mr Horowitz if you were Jewish then they weren’t terrorists but if you were black and a slave of one of the founding fathers you were a terrorist. If you were a American Indian you were a terrorist and a murderer.
The Christians finally figured out ” for most ” that was not Christian and to live and let live regarding religion. Others not so much but were being pulled in as well as others over agendas through time ” again”.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.