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RNO 21:25 good morning and yes i was here in 1982 when the conch republic was formed

Posted by WANKA @ 9:07 on September 23, 2014  

but had little involvement other then being one of its citizens. however in 1985 the founding and development of my ‘maxi taxi’ in 1986 became the ‘official non-official’ transportation company and again however in april 1996 a very ‘official proclamation and certificate’ award was made at the 1996 conch republic ‘official party’ held at the ‘official schooner wharf bar’ on the official waterfront making my duck tours seafari amphibious tours the ‘official 1st amphibious forces of the conch republic navy’ and myself its commodore signed and sealed and hanging in my office to this day but alas we were driven out of business illegally by ‘powerful touring and political interests’ in sept of that year so the conch republic never was able to promo the ducks in proceeding years as the lawsuit trundled thru the courts and in 2005 after a 3 week trial of fan fare and high publicity the jury awarded the company 13.5M in cold hard frns. this was appealed by the city of course and in 2009 settlement was made for 8M with no adjustment for a considerable settlement we reached 2 days before the trial in 2005 with the ‘powerful touring interests’  of an amount which to this day is under a confidentiality agreement required by the other side.  therein is my entire involvement of life in the conch republic and never really got my company’s name up in lights like i would have wanted.

oh the woe of it all but then again a few million here and a few million there and pretty soon you have a bunch of millions!  :mrgreen:

btw its all public record so i’m not telling secrets out of shop so to speak. privacy? what privacy?  🙁



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