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Buygold…check yourself

Posted by eeos @ 12:14 on September 25, 2014  

Remain positive. We have to slice this a different way. Again, let’s look at opportunities. Where can you can you raise cash in your life right now to buy Silver phiz? I keep asking myself this. Come up with a strategy on how you might dip in. Buy whatever has the smallest spread at a place like CO gold. Buy big bars now, decide how to trade them for smaller denominations in the future- hacksaws work too. ┬áThink how you might split an order w/ someone. Possibly get risky and buy some calls here somewhere, but have an exit plan in mind too. Buy and Sell stops need to be used or get tricked by greed. Act more like a machine, target met, buy/sell. This way greed doesn’t take hold when you are in a winning streak. Really I’m just talking out loud and coaching myself. Ha!

I have a friend that’s a freelance CFO with 40 years of experience. He always preaches about the damn exit plan. Problem is that with my exit plan, the goal post constantly move away from me at tops. Greed greed greed.

I still think we should stand back right now. Who knows what the clowns have in mind. Press away boys! People need to be scared like never before before we move up. I’ve been saying that for 3 years now. I thought the scare was years ago, probably not happened yet. They understand the psyches of Goldbugs better than no one. They’re experts at tricking people

p.s. On sites like CO gold they sell junk bags. I didn’t know until recently that he has $500 face half bags too. Easier to move around too. Less entry burn potential. Spreads are cheapest this route maybe?

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