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Higher Dollar To Help Europe Is Likely Temporary Shot In The Arm

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 10:37 on September 30, 2014  


But how long is temporary? That’s the question. Is it over now since June? Or are they going to strong dollar HURT the USA for another 6 months? Or a year?? It all depends how fast things get bad here.

I never went to Europe, and don’t know anybody over there, but I’ll bet any money Europe is chocka block full of imported crap from Asia et all just like we are in the US.

The deflation started by importing cheap, to keep “inflation” numbers lower and then they sell dear to tax payers and consumers, while those wages got stagnated, and are dragging everything down, and budget deficits up.

I remember writing an essay years ago, that globalization was going to fail, like a sinking ship, and the passengers are the global commune-ity of countries. When a ship sinks it gets ugly, like every man for himself.

I stated….Who do you think will be the strongest swimmer and survivor? The USA of course. Because we got used to “swimming” with too many countries on our backs. Without them? Its an easier swim.

All countries that have trade surpluses and or export to the USA are in trouble ever since the summer ’08 meltdown, because American tax PAYERS have less to spend, and credit limits curtailed.

USA has been in decline since 1975 giving away the store. All other nations in decline only since 2008, with a loaf under each arm. USA had a loaf under each arm back in 1975. I’m sure the global central planners know what I know and that’s why they dropped the dollar from 120.

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