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Todays usa watchdog has some good commentary at the end

Posted by Auandag @ 22:13 on October 3, 2014  
Alarmed 10/03/2014  •

I agree with Jeff’s assessment. The last five years of my tenure as an educator, the administration would threaten the teachers. Not only was this done when all the teachers got together en-mass in the beginning of the school year, but also in re-education camps…er in-service workshops, individual school faculty meetings, and e-mails. The fear and threat factor demoralized the faculty; it was obvious to everyone, but we were powerless to do anything about it. I was shocked to find how many teachers were on meds. I left the profession.

Greg, WW3 had already started, the most obvious is the economic war. The war on many fronts, independent thinking, a real education, family, and morals and standards have already been lost to this covert, but sinister war. There are many casualties from this conflict, but few recognize it. People are brainwashed, but they think they are “enlightened.” What a negative difference from the 1950’s, an imperfect decade on its own.


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