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Deadeye @ 12:50 their view is limited to small problems and not the real problems

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:48 on October 5, 2014  

Deadeye, I’m with you 100%. The environment scare tactics are all propaganda. I remember very well when the communist global powers started that baloney way back at the start of globalization. De-industrialization. There was no other way to get sympathy and support, to move big industries to Japan, Korea, China et al.

All the common folks out there are constantly repeating what was told to them by their media. I remember, late ’70s I think…..”We don’t want the smoke stack” We don’t want the rust belt” bla bla bla bla.

I told my wife 40 years ago….”See what they are up to??” They are going to give manufacturing away and lower our living standards”. (if you are not employed by gov’t or gov’t vendors) My old gunsmith friend was saying the same thing back then. They’re going to lower our living standards with this pollution crap.

Now we have 90% of the population thinking like Ted Kaczynski. He thought high living standards were bad, and wanted everybody to think the same way if he had his way. China today has about 500 million new middle class, with high living standards because they got all the wealth creating industries. Everything they say is exaggerated.

Re your….”Big Government allied with world companies for control of everything associated with money, liberty and freedom.”

Agreed. I knew that decades ago, and concluded, the ONLY way to short circuit them is to simply boycott anything imported. I tried spreading the word starting in the ’70s hoping the info would spread, but it was like talking to a tree.

My friends started buying VW beetles, and Fiats etc, and Toyotas. It was sickening to me to see them gleefully buying. Only caring about themselves, and not their country and fellow neighbors.

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