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Ment17 @ 21:34 on Oct. 4th

Posted by Moggy @ 15:58 on October 5, 2014  

gold was supposed to go to 3000 but the boyz want war ..

moggy I did not listen .. any other gold highlights .. of probably moves .. when is that petro dollar trade supposed to happen ..

how you be moggy


Willie didn’t say much about gold beyond what I mentioned…no forecasts as to what or when on either gold, silver or the petro dollar.  He spoke about many things, one being that ISIS is a CIA baby, how sensitive he is to the little mid-eastern country with whom the USA is best friends because it was a few of them who had threatened his life…a very interesting interview.

I be getting over the crazies for not having a computer for two weeks while my machine was in the hospital, in the IC unit, where it finally succumbed.  Then it took another week for me to get another one and get set up.  I don’t watch tv and have no radio reception here in the mountains, so was left to my own devices.  It’s a good thing that I have many interests with which I amused myself short of leaving this Paradise.  The past year and a half has been a challenge, to say the least, but I’m still in there slugging away.  How be you?

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