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Posted by goldielocks @ 2:26 on October 5, 2014  

I have no doubt Obama and other like minded want to let infected people here as long as they don’t become exposed themselves to use tax payers money to find a cure to a problem that isn’t here. They are trying to make them look like underdogs and of course we don’t have enough of debt problems ourselves. We may look at their culture as backward but they may not. To them it’s a way if life a life of hunting gathering our own ancestors once did although probably more efficiently and graduated to better ways of building home getting live stock farming irrigation and energy. If they chose to live like their ancestors that their choice why should we try to change them? Unless they are asking for food instead if hunting it or growing it themselves or a virus comes along they want treatment for. If they do then ┬áit shouldn’t be with handout but something to trade for it because it becomes a habit. If it is indeed a virus identified it very well could be transferred in air droplets and virus is lighter than bacteria can hang around in the air for awhile. There are other modes for the News Caster. His shoes, public bathrooms , places he eats or the foods that are handled he eats and things he could touch he wouldn’t be aware the virus was there.

They should make people there more aware of ways of getting it as well as hand out masks when in public just to be safe as well as promote hand washing.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.