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JNUG up 27% on SIX times average volume

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:05 on October 8, 2014  

GDX up on 79 mill shares v.s. 27 mills daily avg

GDXJ up on 28 mill v.s 8 mill

what is so interesting is the HUi took out the Dec 2013 bottom then reversed–from Murph tonight

What a move! Technically it doesn’t get much prettier as…

*A double bottom was taken out, taking out all support.
*A new low was made today.
*And then the HUI makes a stunning key reversal on the day by blowing through yesterday’s high, rising close to 10% off its low of the day in the process.

This just has to have some legs to it…but keep in mind that in bear mkts there can be some really scary rallies like today–they look like the real McCoy–with huge volume–and scare the crap outa the bears–which straightens out the overly bearish sentiment-I don’t think that today was such an event…but just saying…

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