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I´m beginning to think that Dan is dumber than dumber

Posted by Portugeezer @ 5:17 on October 9, 2014  

His quote:

What would have happened to gold had the Fed said that it was pleased to see the stronger Dollar and not concerned at all about a disinflationary wave moving around the global and threatening to swamp the global economy? Answer – gold would have been obliterated and the Dollar would have soared.

Question? Did the Fed say this? Answer- No, they did not. They said the exact opposite. And what happened? Answer – gold shot higher. Is it not obvious to any open-minded person that if the Fed were currently at war with gold, that they would not clearly understand in advance what a set of minutes such as were released today would do to the gold price? Of course they do. They are not stupid people. They can read price charts and see trends as good as the rest of us technicians.

My comment:  Gold soared because the market was open, the true scale of purchase was revealed.

The fed is at war with Gold and Silver. Period!  Why can’t he get that into his thick skull.  Until they are ready, Gold will be suppressed.  Then what?  They have to be prepared for the wars that follow the stealing of foreign held Gold that is stored for safe keeping by the US.

When they let Gold go, they will not be able to purchase the Gold owed to these foreigners, legally, in the market.

They might have derivatives betting on Gold that will pay off in currency (US$) but not the physical Gold to return.

For now, just watch the PMs get brought down before the markets open.

JMHO, Rich


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