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Maya @ 23:30 Colloidal Silver and Ebola

Posted by silverngold @ 9:47 on October 25, 2014  

Good Morning Maya,

Thanks for your input. I’m not encouraging or discouraging colloidal silver’s use. I’m simply passing along information as I receive it. Whether CS will work effectively or not against Ebola I do not know, but I do know that some CS manufacturers advertise that it kills both viral and bacterial infections. One I recently read mentioned that to be effective against virus, like the flu virus, it had to be in lower (smaller) ppm particle size. That particular one said 5 ppm to target virus during the flu season, but 10 ppm the rest of the year for bacterial infections.

I’ve been taking CS daily, about 3 oz ~ 10 ppm as verified by my Hanna meter, since early 2000. I’ve never had the flu (or a flu shot) but have occasionally (like every few years) had a light cold, so I agree that at 10 ppm my CS has not been totally effective against all virus, but it must be partially effective since I am constantly exposed to colds from my school aged kids but I seldom get them.

As I mentioned, I think it is also very important to keep ones immune system in top shape by taking vitamin D3 and vitamin C. I take 8000 iu’s of vitamin D3 and 2000 mg of Liposomal vitamin C daily. I’m confident that along with the CS my immune system is in good working order. I’m not a Native American medicine man but I am part Native American and live my life close to the land.

All The Best,          Silverngold

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