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Posted by Maya @ 18:53 on October 25, 2014  

I used to advocate taking a large dose… 10-15 drops of MMS to knock out disease.  The trouble here is that it sometimes results in a toxic-shock from the massive die-off that happens. A lot of pathogens in the liver get dumped suddenly.   It is a very difficult experience for the patient and results in a fever spike and break.  Not to mention the potential vomiting that happens if you have a lot of stomach toxins also.   Jim Humble’s latest edition of his manual advocates multiple, smaller doses as easier on the patient and probably more effective.

Yes, I too get the ‘shudders’ when I have to take a dose. I have had the vomit response to even a brief whiff through the nose, and just the recollection of it gives me a shudder.   I limit my dosage now to 5 drops as about the strongest I can easily tolerate.  I only take it at the first sign of what might be a viral infection, and taken early enough it is usually effective.  If I am still feeling poorly the next day, I will take another 5 drop dose on the second day.   Keep in mind that the effectiveness of a dose only lasts for about two hours to do it’s job.  In the case of an ebola infection I would try my best to get three 5-drop doses over the day, and then counter all that with massive Lipo-C infusions in the evening and overnight.

Juice works OK in an emergency, but now I got some citric acid I mixed up as an activator.  It’s very strong and effective.  After the 3 minute activation period of the prescribed few drops, you get a powerful concentrated greenish liquid that smells horrid… do not sniff!    I dilute that with about  4 ounces of water and close my nose and chug it.  The citric acid tastes sour like lemon juice.   Then I chug more water to wash it down and dilute it in the stomach even more so it doesn’t feel like a lead sinker in the stomach.   A mild bloat feeling is the worst I get now.  All the while breathing through my mouth.   After all this I usually gargle with some listerine to get the taste out of my mouth and nasal cavity.  That does a lot to calm the ‘shudder memory’.

BTW – Thanks for the 11-part Cancer Series.  Listening to it now, and will order the DVD set.  Great information, and the essence of how allopathic “Business Medicine” does not work and natural cures DO work!  Thanks again!

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