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ment17, Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 19:37 on October 27, 2014  

ment – can’t disagree with you there, boot is firmly on the neck until the new, old guru Armstrong says it’s not. Amazing how Armstrong after being released from prison is the new (though older) guru of so many. Hope he gives gold the “all clear” sometime soon so the lemmings will join the fray.

Ipso – Only $7K makes me feel cheated too! Unless it happens overnight tonight. 🙂

I really thought the always wrong Gartman interview was quite interesting. If Lockheed Martin truly has nuclear fusion technology that revolutionizes energy in the world, then that is truly a game changer. The question is whether that has an impact on gold and fiat currencies. If the US were to abandon the Petrodollar and then embrace nuclear fusion, what would that do to the world’s oil industry, the USD, the world economy? The NWO? Would Lockheed Martin and nuclear fusion energy not make the US the dominate country in the world even more so?

Interesting stuff. Again I’d take you back to old Boyd Bushman. What would it mean to everything? I truly believe that nuclear fusion technology has been round in the military industry complex for a long time. What would it mean for the world? Just askin’

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