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Just a coincidence I am sure

Posted by Scruffy @ 9:00 on October 28, 2014  

There are reports dribbling in from every corner of the nation regarding early voting and the sacred voting machines who’s software cannot be reviewed by voters or independent entities.

Seems that the machines magically change the votes of a small % of voters. The strange thing is that ALL of the changes reported are from repulsivcan to damOcrap candidates.   Looks like Ohio may be in for  a replay of the miracle precincts from 2012 where, in some instances, 100% of voters voted for the sitting (and little else but golf and fund raising) CinC.  Or those precincts where 118% of registered voters voted for the Obummer.

There is no vile act that is below the “business and corporations don’t create jobs”, “you can keep your current plan” “not a smidgen of corruption” “I didn’t break any laws and of recommendation of my attorney,I am taking the 5th” and “what difference does it make” party. They are scum bags seeking new lows and another sycophant AG. This nation is doomed unless we get the grubbermint out of the education (dumb down and propaganda) system, and people start taking responsibility for themselves and quit expecting the grubbermint to solve the problems that they create! .

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.