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Posted by Scruffy @ 19:47 on October 31, 2014  

Charts? blthppppp Fundamentals? blthppppp   This hammering of gold and silver AND the goosing of stock indexes is orchestrated from the pale house and blessed by the banksters (who make billions via their vile deeds) being aloud to manipulate at will and to bet on the directions of their manipulation.  No one asks why the banksters and politicians get to pick winners and loosers.

The earliest that the metals will stop being hammered is this coming Wednesday. Of course by now it is bankster habit so it may take a while to see the paper pounding start to diminish.

Every day more people are wondering, if the economy is improving,  why is it that only the rich and powerful are experiencing the benefits of the improvement?  You never hear anyone questioning why the metals are priced based on paper bets. You never hear MSM ask why billions can be stolen and no one goes to jail. The fines levied go to the government, not the victims.  None of it makes sense.  Those that question are kept out of mass media and branded as nuts, conspiracy theorists, radicals, etc.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.