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Floridagold, Just So You Know….

Posted by Farmboy @ 22:37 on November 1, 2014  

I knew the Dawgs where in serious trouble when I ordered me some Onion Rings, Chicken Fingers, and Buffalo Wings (cslled the sampler platter ) ¬†and the waitress brought them to my table wearing a Georgia Shirt and a Florida Gator Ballcap. Now whats that all about…..??


Congrats to the Gators. A great Victory !!


Now I have several things to explain all this.


1. Note my comment about the waitress and her dress apparel

2. Someone screwed up the scheduling, and sent the University of Georgia Lacrosse Team to play the Gators this weekend.

3. Rumors abound that someone threw a party welcoming the Georgia Football team to the Swamp, and spiked the punch. The name of Floridagold keeps reappearing in that particular story.

4. The Florida Gators swapped the normal drink of Gator Aid for a case or Whoop Arse.


5. I just hope the Democrats lose on Tuesday as badly as the Dawgs.


Those Gators rose to the occasion. And in spite of coming up on the loosing side of the scoreboard, it was an exciting game to watch. And a short personal note here you might enjoy. By the second half, half of the Georgia Fans where rooting for the Gators. We around here, in these parts, will back a man, or team, to the very end if we are convinced they are giving it their best shot, putting forth the effort. But slackers….well, we don’t cotton much to those who don’t show up on game day to give it their all. Figure that is how it goes in football, in the SEC anyways. Come to play, or just might as well stay at home. Thats’ about as far as our ‘loyalty’ goes. Republicans might want to take note of such. (grin)


Great game, Well Done Gators ! And like I told one friend leaving the sports bar, I dread the next 51 weeks, due to the abuse I now must suffer at the hands of one Floridagold. They looked at me kinda funny. I was not in the mood to explain.


But it don’t mean I will be putting a ‘Go Gators’ tag on the front of my truck any time soon. But thinking of taking my ‘Go Dawgs’ tag out for some target practice.


Confused Gal



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