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Howdy Gang!

Posted by Farmboy @ 14:41 on November 1, 2014  

Coming up for air for just a minute to give ya’ll a shout. Hope everyone is faring well these days in spite of the beatings in the PM’s. Dont guess I have seen anything quite like this before. Least not since the old days when some headline would announce another Central Bank was selling thier gold and prices would plumment for weeks. Remember those days, when CB’s sold thier gold?

Been going at it pretty hard nearly two months helping a friend with his business. Has been mostly a 7 day a week venture, with a lot of 18-20 hour days. Thank goodness he has plenty of young kids to do the heavy lifting so it aint been too bad a hitch. I am sure I have worked harder and longer before. I just cant remember when. (grin) And patting myself on the back for just staying awake that long at a time without taking a nap. But I figure Buygold is picking up my slack in the napping department. Good of him to do that. Anyways, doing fine, and the project will start winding down after this weekend so have some long awaited free time just around the bend. Have not had time to follow much of anything including the markets. In a way, guess that has been a blessing in a way. Everything seems to accept insanely crazy as the new norm.  Little to make sense of these days.


Well, the boyz here are busting thier butts this afternoon. Putting forth some extra effort so the ‘ole man’ can take a few hours off and watch his favorite football game of the year. Couple of the fellas even going to work a few hours without pay just so I can sit and cheer for the Georgia Bulldogs.  Which you know, just reminds me of how good most folks still are. That there remains a commadre built on trust earned, friendship gained, battles fought along side another. That even all the crazy in the world cant change that. It cant be outlawed, over ruled, or done away with some some Executive order or decree. A reminder I think, that the things, the important things, that once made this Country a great place, are still in the hearts of a lot of folks. Kinda hoping come Tuesday enough of em show up to vote and see if we cant get a few things back on track.


Well, better grab a clean shirt, wash a little dirt off my face, and get to the sports bar and grab me a chair. Wishing my best to all of you and encouraging everyone to just keep stacking. I dont have a clue whats going on, but it smells a bit like war to me, and desperation by the banksters these days. About the only thing that makes any sense, is someone is deseperate to keep Gold and Silver from going up. Such a tiny sliver of all things finacial these PM’s, but Lord the effort they go to knocking us down. The way the come after us, why you’d thing we had stolen the King’s Golden Scepter and announced that he had no clothes or something. (grin)


Floridagold, I’m just hoping for a good game today. One well fought, by both sides. I really dont care which team comes out on top at the end. Just want to enjoy a good game. Yep. Even go so far as to yell out “Go Gators ! ” Which I probably will do at the sports bar just to stir the pot a little. (grin)


Best to all, Farmboy. Hope to see more of you all and hang out at the Oasis soon.

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