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Trader Dan’s long and comprehensive gold and silver comments

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:42 on November 2, 2014  

In closing, let me say this… gold’s downside breach of $1180 has as much technical significance as its breach of major chart support near the $1530-$1525 level in April of 2013. That too was a TRIPLE BOTTOM that failed.

Note that gold spent 18-19 months moving sideways in a broad range between roughly $1800 on the top and $1530-$1525 on the bottom. When it broke down below that range at the TRIPLE BOTTOM it proceeded to fall another $345 before bottoming out and forming the base of a new 16-17 month long sideways trade above what proved to be another TRIPLE BOTTOM at $1180 that failed today.

The question now becomes will gold do what the pattern calls for, namely eventually leg down somewhere between $300 and $345 before bottoming and carving out yet another base? That could put the metal down as far as $835 – $880 before reaching a new bottom once more.

Of course that seems inconceivable to many but back when gold was trading in the range between $1800 and $1525, it seemed inconceivable at that time that it could ever fall as low as below the $1200 level!

Please note that this is not a prediction; it is merely an observation based upon an analysis of former price action which extrapolates POTENTIAL. Much of course depends on the overall direction of the US economy and whether or not Central Bank activity proves to be insufficient to deal with the deflationary headwinds buffeting it.


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