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Just a thought or two…

Posted by Scruffy @ 8:54 on November 4, 2014  

I’m an engineer by nature and avocation. We deal in facts, laws and cause and effect. So this morning as I ponder the feeeeeeelth and the latest metal war battles I review a few absolute facts and identify possible effects and throw in a bit of motivation. So some facts first:

  1.  The government lies daily and publishes more propaganda than fact.
  2. The banksters have more $ than Obummer spews in molecules of hot air.
  3. The banksters own no gold or silver.
  4. The economy is in the toilet despite QE to the sky and all the lies surrounding the $ and the US economy.
  5. A couple of the biggest lies include massive under reporting of unemployment and inflation.  Unemployment is over 23% and inflation is neary 9%
  6. The parasitic grubbermint siphons off  fraudulent $ from individuals and business through ever increasing taxes.  But that is still in terms of $s.
  7. The banksters and political scum know and fear that when the  goes it will rob them of most of their wealth that is measured in those $s.
  8. Gold and silver have been the historic stores of value that survives national or globab financial calamity.
  9. Laws, regulations, the judicial system,  fiat base currencies, bought of judicial system, subservient propaganda system of public education and MSM are used to keep the masses blind to what is going on and to perpetuate the system and shield the criminal class of elites.
  10. Billions of $s has been stolen from the economy and from investors. The corrupt system had “fined” the paper thieves billions and kept the $s. Not a penny gone to those from whom the $s were stolen. Not one of the feeeeeelth has been jailed or even charged with a crime.

The above points to a few rather likely “effects”.

  1.  The feeeeeeeelth must do something to preserve their perceived wealth. Hence the price of collectibles, such as art and old cars, are going through the roof.
  2. Though the “price” of collectables is increasing, they are not liquid in a financial crisis and will not necessarily kep their relative”value” through a likely financial collapse.
  3. The feeeeeeelth (that unholy alliance of banksters, the filthy rich, courts, regulatory agencies. and political scum) will need to accumulate gold and silver if they are to carry any of their paper based wealth through the coming financial trauma.
  4. The feeeeelth have HUGE accumulation of fiat that must be converted before the inevitable collapse of the current system.

So the situation we see to day is easy to understand. The feeeeelth is goosing the US $ and hammering the price of gold and silver giving themselves the opportunity to trade their massive holdings of fiat for gold and silver. The lap dog MSM is running interference to hide what is going on.  We know that there is a shortage of physical gold.  That shortage is evident by the roughly 100 “owners” of gold receipts for each ounce of gold inthe bankster sytem.

The $ is being goosed at least its relative exchange rate compared to other fiat currencies. We see evidence of record amounts of physical silver and gold being sold.  It obviously has to go to people with huge amounts of fiat to unload. Many many tonnes of gold were siphoned off the new Shanghai exchange last month. (Actual transfer of metal, not a paper shuffle.)  A record amount of silver eagles has been sold in 2014.  This may very well be a prelude to the most massive and destructive collapse of fiat globally in history.  Surely is must be obvious that this is a very real possibility.  One last chance for the feeeeeelth to grab everything they can of value before the system falls to ruin.

So grab or hold onto to what ever actual physical you can while there is still a fiat price that can be traded for money.

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