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Ipso, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 13:24 on November 5, 2014  

Reuters is reporting that the Saudi oil explosion occurred during “repairs” and not a terrorist attack. You’d think there would’ve been some repair related deaths but…

As for Putin, he and his country and economy have been pushed into a corner by the US, Wall Street and the Saudi’s and IMO that makes him dangerous. His central bank is no longer going to defend the Ruble, which makes me wonder what exactly Putin has in mind to prevent massive inflation. Something tells me he’ll have a lot more to say pretty soon.

As for gold and up on news – any news – it just doesn’t happen anymore. The algo’s are just set to crush it 24/7. Where it stops is anyone’s guess. I thought Winedoc’s post about rising premiums in silver to be interesting.

A little surprised the shares aren’t getting hit worse, but it’s been so bad for so long, they could get freshly smashed tomorrow. Nothing surprises in pm’s anymore except an up day.

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