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Posted by Walker @ 16:56 on November 9, 2014  

Good evening, just a note to supplement Windoc’s very symbolic paintings. They were the creation of a great Canadian, Alex Colville. Horse and train is one , today’s example is another. His life time of many achievements and notes…. he was a Canadian war artist. Point…Nov. 11th was a time of reflection. Never forget…the real truth of modern history is always there unfortunately seldom conveyed to the sheep. All events are created and controlled by men ( and in today’s world women) do not lose the insight …..until such events of the past are conveyed openly ..nothing will change in the direction we are all marching. Each and everyone here is old enough to comprehend this statement. Regarding tomorrow, the past masters are still very much in control of absolutely “:Most:” of everything in your world. It is and will be the same until it is not. Reflecting Thursday’s market of gold and silver….allow me..they will make the illusion of whatever is about to occur for their design. But never lost the hope of the black swan ..of the unknowns ..I absolutely sure I confused you all.
Just a peak ..dec 23 , 1913….the Federal reserve was created…after years of manipulations of European events…….call it a new term hedging……

Windoc…frankly , I have long ago, chatted with him, and ..but I digress.

The real point…until reality…such wishful thinking…a leader appears to stand and deliveries¬† the truth of the past ..I am sad to think of the future. In this same message, each day is what we create and work to achieve. Then so many to not work LOL>>>>the endless illusion of hope.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.