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The world of the past…why we do not understand Monday..to be

Posted by Walker @ 18:46 on November 9, 2014  

to the tin foil hat crew…I may mention WTC 7…it occurred..we have ..I am certain all watched the free fall collapse of this very “important ” building…on that day. We have all witnessed the later years shared photos of the plasma dust of the other buildings flowing out to the Hudson river …becoming Dust. We all here saw and forget that truth. Hence the wonder of today’s and questioning tomorrow. We never stood and if we did, they were never allowed to be in board questions/wisdom to reflect ….what it really meant. Hence the sheep were feed and continued to be feed the never ending direction of understating their message. The message …they control the day. Their truth of the direction.
Another insight…you really know the masters when you cannot comment on who they may be..what masters the world . simple text
BUT once ..”the the old world of here”…Goldrunner questioned me? What would be the consequences of :
if the sheep were not feed? In truth, that was not the exact words but the real message. I immediately responded in my old versioned..insight..they needed to : be more….then I realized..that was a dream and illusion..of truth and reality…that will not occur..now or ever. Truth
But we all know we cannot continue to expand and consume…but…now even the old frostbite has few answers. Are they leading to the `global of all` to a NWO.. You know and i know..history is has conveyed another reality…that reality…the illusion of sheep were feed and harvested as required. Did I just shared that..what a walk!!!!!!.. years of reading..truthfully working and enjoying as I walked this time called life.
Wanda..for you..you stand, stood and try..frankly more than I…again I have shared too much. Just one ..

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.