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Posted by goldielocks @ 0:33 on November 10, 2014  

They are doing everything in their power to hide the truth of their crimes against humanity and not all are sheep as you know. Their late tactics are ” it will offend someone” or your not being a patriot always thinking their being smart. Perhaps your ahead of the game with the attempts to obstruct freedom of speech by not making sense ┬áin a very clever way that would give most a headache to think up as their plan to not only obstruct freedom of speech expanded to NSA by spying and recording accomplished by 911. Then they can come along and make some law we can’t say this or that. Now as well as other infringements on our privacy like TSA, chips on passports and requiring them to go to Mexico ” like that was really going to help US from illegal crossings but meant not to keep others out but to keep is in and track their own citizens. That was the republicans then came the demos with even more problems. Until we get rid of these career politicians we are indeed doomed.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.