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Posted by Auandag @ 10:47 on November 11, 2014  
Mr. Armstrong,

Please explain the following story, as you constantly refuse to acknowledge ANY manipulation or suppression of precious metals prices…

Further… please go on to explain the dumping of massive amounts of gold during off hours… and explain the profit motive in this dump…

Are you really on the side of the PEOPLE, fella?  Are you a liar or a fool?


People like this became the jumpers during the Great Depression. There is a HUGE difference between SYSTEMIC manipulation that nobody can do or else Communism would not have collapsed, and rigging the game trading against clients.

No matter how many times I have stated the difference, these people hear ONLY what they want to hear and comprehend NOTHING. I have stated countless times that the money center banks keep track of people’s positions and routinely trade against them. For years floor brokers gunned for stops and shared that info with the big players. It was common to talk to the floor brokers and they would say where the stops were laid in above and below. That does NOT amount to the perpetual suppression of a market when there are no profits to be made. I have explained the manipulations are always rallies to get these suckers to buy the highs every single time. Yet, to them, rallies are real and declines are manipulations. Are they really that stupid or naive to believe these stories?

All I can say – keep believing what you want. Keep buying the highs and holding all the way down and complain you would have been right but for this or that. I just hope you wise up and bailout before you lose the house, wife, kids, car, and the dog leaving the only opposite choice to hanging-in your next prospect, which is hanging-up. Of course there is the option of jumping if you are a city dweller.

UBS & Manipulation

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