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Warren Buffet….Too BIg To Fail ? ot TOO Politically Connected ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:23 on November 11, 2014  

He got bailed out in the last crisis with his Goldman Sachs investment ..

NOW he gets bailed again with his Railroad investment   ..in each case the Democrats took care of him while pretending the opposite …

His BNSF Railroad is currently accounting for 20 % of his profits  and the reason is his monopoly on oil shipping from Bakken .

If it weren’t for Obama refusing to allow keystone pipeline Buffett  income would be 20 % lower and maybe a loss !  Hence Obama os bailing out a Major Political contributor…He paid 26 billion for the RR and has since doubled his money  ..thats 26 billion in profits attribed to NOT getting APPROVAL for the Pipeline   !  26 BILLION  in extra costs to the Bakkin oil suppliers for shipping     ALONE  .American taxpayera are getting screwed this Political contributor  makes 26 billion and Obama gets to screw those Republican oil producers at the same time ! Do you still wonder why NO pipeline ?

BUFFETT is Politically Connected  …Annual revenue rose 57 % and profits doubled to 3.8 BILLION on OIL REVENUE !   NO wonder his Railroad investment made 26 BILLION for HIM…The Liberal NEWS says NOTHING about this BAIL  and corruption as long as they benefit!


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