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Who gives a crap about Armstrong? Nevertheless, here ya go:

Posted by Richard640 @ 6:58 on November 11, 2014  

Everything is correlating so far on time. We have the metals crashing shaking the tree to get rid of all the perpetual bulls. They just have to be devastated before you can move in the opposite direction. This is just how markets move. The stock market advance has been with historic lows in retail participation. This sets the stage for the skeptics to rush back and buy the highs. The average person buys or sells based only when they see confirmation. This is what leads to buying highs and selling lows. The rally will come when the fresh crowd all start to buy once again. That becomes the question as to how high is high. It is starting look like the 43000 number more so than just the 26000 level. We need more price action to confirm that outcome.

Yes, this is looking to “be VERY VERY VERY bearish for government.” As nuts as our forecast seemed back in 1985 that we would see the long bond at the 150 area, that target has been accomplished and on time.

This is the Bond Bubble we have been warning about all these years with Big Bang coming into focus for 2015.75. The slide from our 1998 World Economic Conference projected the sequence of events necessary to lead us to Big Bang. So far, everything has unfolded precisely as the computer had forecast. All that is left now is the home stretch to Debt Day.

The worst for the Sovereign Debt Crisis seems to be first shaping up in Europe. Here we have new highs but with declining energy. The divergence warns that we are in a MAJOR topping pattern.



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