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HUI slaughter , will it ever end !

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 21:55 on November 13, 2014  

Hi guys/girls

It’s been a while since my last post, however check in every day. Just wonder when this gold manipulation and slaughter of  PM shares will finally end. Hope it’s soon before I will end up living in a tent, well not a goldtentoasis as that appears a luxury to what I will be able to afford  :).

On serious note I hope the bottom is close, as otherwise Chinese will be able to buyout Australian producers ,

cents on  a dollar. Australian  500k oz gold  producer ASX,NST  currently $1.0, silver/gold  producer  ASX.PRU  $0.28. No good selling at these levels, just add more at these bargain prices and hope they don’t bust. Have silver bullion but that’s disappointing as well. Should have bought  ALIBABA by the looks of it-can’t win them all .

US market wobbly even according to  I think it was ANZ bank analyst . with US  market valuations at  PE 28,with Au at approx 14.

I have noticed over a few days that $AU drops by as much as 1.5% during Australian trading  time and recovers during US trading times.

Does that mean that US investor are divesting from Australian market, is it due to FACTA legislation, complicating the tax issue.I really don’t know but would appear to be the case .JMHO.

BTW just in case  some have missed or are unaware of the FACTA legislation here is the link:


Good luck with your elections – the choices are …………………..

Not much.

Any ozzie’s still on the board – rise your  hand (voice), probably totally  disillusioned gold bugs or dead waiting for the gold bull market , or did not find you guys on new website.

Always,well mostly enjoy reading the posts.

Best wishes to all and will be back more regular.



ps Just read Obama joke , still   ROFL

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