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eeos @ 11:25 Russian Satellite photo

Posted by Maya @ 15:21 on November 15, 2014  

Yeah, that is pretty impressive.  Lots of clandestine stuff I read early on indicated that the Russians had very intense surveilance and electronic tracking of the area because Putin was flying through the area near there.  One report I read said that Putin’s plane was warned away from the area by the Russian surveilance because they had detected fighter aircraft and ‘anomalous’ radar locking on an unknown target… so the satellite snap surveilance was not just random… they were looking for something ‘anomalous’ going on.   Looks like they got it, too.

There was some early speculation that the Ukrainians might have been going after Putin’s plane and mis-identified the airliner.  But the revelations of suspicious air traffic routing of MH17 seem to indicate it was set up in advance for a false-flag attack.

What a disturbing world we live in where innocent lives are sacrificed like that for political reasons.  Soul-less mass murderers.


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