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Posted by Ororeef @ 23:54 on November 17, 2014  

solved almost all of the worlds problems and the Democrats never forgave him …..They tried to undo everything he did ..he ended Racism in the Military  ,he defeated germany and his right hand man McArthur defeated Japan and re educated them for 7 years making them a democracy and a world economic Power.

THen along comes Truman and fires McArthur because he didn’t wanted to run against a HERO for President.      He knew he couldent win…

McArthur would have defeated N.Korea ,but Truman stopped him a mistake that we still live with today.

Democrats hated Eisenhower,McArthur and later NIXON who came in on Eisenhowers coatails.     The only one they got was NIXON ….It was all about POLITICS  for making Democrats look bad when Eisenhower & McArthur were such Heros,and solved so many problems .

Obamas continues the tradition of Foreign Policy incompetance because all they are interested in is Domestic votes ……thats what the immigration fuss is all about. DEMS think Hispanics will vote Democrat ..and the Hell with Foreign Policy and America economics theres no votes there….

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