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THis is unusual–yesterday JNUG was up 15% and gold was flat–this kind of divergence has been resolved the past 3 yrs

Posted by Richard640 @ 5:50 on November 18, 2014  

by PM stocks/etf selling off–the fact that gold is following equities higher is very bullish–also yesterday the $ index was up 400+bps…as I write the $ is down 387 bps which will be the “alibi” for gold’s rise today…which it isn’t…it’s probably just “recognition time”–wherein all the fundamental/macro factors so cavalierly ignored by the financial community and press lo these many years will suddenly enter, again, into “dialogue”…still too early for the bulls to get smug…but all in all a classic bottom–historic bearishness-ragged and divergent action–making it hard to buy even for the gold bugs–total disbelief in the bull case–with even a classic “Fakeout” that the whole world was watching and discussing=the penetration of the triple bottom that unleashed a torrent of calls on the business channels and elsewhere for gold 600-700 etc…those targets are still on the table…but…..

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.