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General lawlessness

Posted by newtogold @ 19:35 on November 20, 2014  

O’er the land of debt slavery and the home of anything goes so long as it helps the bottom line.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened. Perhaps it’s impossible to pinpoint an event or a date. In the end, though, an uninformed populace gets not what they want but what they deserve…general lawlessness.

Personal America worships the self. If it feels good, do it. No thought wasted considering any destructive consequences that might be visited upon others. Corporate America worships the bottom line. Pay no attention to how we achieve our profits nor those we exploited along the way. In the end, a nation of narcissists receives its Boy King.

The latest episode in freedom’s long, sad decline comes this evening with an event that combines the worst of both Americas. The Boy King will announce that he is bypassing the legislative branch and rewriting immigration law. In his Personal America, he is doing this because he is impatient and because it feels good to “do something”. (Never mind pandering for votes.) The Corporate America that worships profits gladly supports him. Cheap labor is good for the bottom line and its executives line their pockets through the exploitation. (Witness the Wall St Journal and The Chamber of Commerce.)

All of this grinds away at the last remaining vestiges of The American Experiment. Other examples include:

  • A wholly corrupt banking sector which has seen not a single prosecution for crimes committed leading up to The Great Financial Crisis of 2008.
  • Utterly corrupt government regulatory bodies such as the SEC and CFTC, which willfully turn a blind eye in order to protect and defend the status quo.
  • A corrupt and biased “Fourth Estate” media which overtly pursues a political agenda instead of defending The Bill of Rights, from which they draw their power.
  • A hopelessly corrupt political class, so drunk on celebrity and the desire to maintain power, that they completely ignore their intended role as “people’s representatives”.

I have no doubt that we live in The Last Days. Not in a biblical sense but in the sense of lost freedom and liberty. You must understand that America is an historical aberration. Almost all of recorded history shows mankind living under despotism, tyranny and authoritarian rule. The American ideal of self-government, personal responsibility and freedom only came to pass in the late 18th Century. That this experiment survived even 100 years is a miracle yet our current generations have willfully squandered this inheritance, choosing instead to worship the false idols of self-gratification and greed.

My children and my children’s children will not enjoy the same opportunities and freedom that I was granted by birthright. For this I am saddened, not just today but everyday, knowing that just as it didn’t have to be this way, there is also no turning back and recapturing what has been lost.


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