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silverngold @ 20:34

Posted by Maya @ 21:30 on November 20, 2014  

“Look at the statistics, nobody dies past 150, even less at 170.”

The mind boggles…!  If I could collect Social Security for that long I could single-handedly break the system.   I think, however, it will be broken well before I get there.

I would wish the man a long life… but that would be redundant.

There is a Chinese legend of a man who lived past 200 years, who was a military advisor to one of the late emperors…  there even exists a picture of him from the early days of photography.  Now I cannot think of the name(s).  It seems that the challenge of such a long life, after having seen so much, it simply to keep up the will to live.  The Chinese man gave up his will because he was tired of living and chose his time to go.

Edit:  Ah!  Here it is.  Li Ching -Yuen, Chinese Herbalist,  256 years old.




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